"Normal" word order in German sentences means the verb comes as the second element in a sentence: 

Der Mann geht ins Hotel.

The man is going into the hotel.

Um acht gehen wir ins Kino.

We're going to the movies at eight.

Note that the first element of the sentence may consist of more than one word, such as an article or adjective before a noun, a prepositional phrase, etc.

If a verb consists of two parts, the first verb (the one that agrees in form with the subject), comes second in the sentence and the other verb is placed at the end of the sentence.

Ich komme vor sechs vorbei.  [separable verb]

Peter hat der Frau den Hut gegeben.  [present perfect]

Wir werden wohl später vorbeikommen. [future]

Du sollst früher ins Bett gehen. [modal verb]

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